The 3D-5 Axis Laser Cutter designed by Han’s Laser, a high precision equipment, can process 3D parts with complicated curving surface. It not only has high precision but also results in smooth cutting sections. Equipped with 3D offline programming software, combined with reliable and stable working fixture, this 3D-5 Axis Laser Cutter is able to process large amount of parts with one time programming and the ability of infinite cutting, which ensures the high quality of production.

Gantry structure, mobile crossbeam to optimize the process space; 

Fiber laser source with high electro-optical conversion rate, costs 60% energy used less than CO2 laser source which has the same rate of work, free optical path maintenance, no gas consumed by laser source and low operating cost;


N x 360° unlimited rotation, swift switch between laser cutting and welding, high speed laser process head exchange without adjustment, provide more stable process.


Automobile manufacturing, construction machinery, mold, fitness equipment, etc

Processing Object: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy in various industries.

3D-5 Axis Laser Cutter

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