The G3015F series Fiber Laser Cutter, initiated by Han’s Laser in china, is a mature product which has reached the international advanced level. In 2012, G3015F was awarded the top ten innovative product Award in machine tools industry. The series products have incomparable advantages with powerful cutting capacity, flying cutting speed, low operation cost, excellent stability, high-quality processing and strong adaptability.

High cutting speed  : 40m/min for 1mm thickness stainless steel . 85m/min for 0.5mm thickness stainless steel.


High performance :  Fiber transmission and flexible processing ; capable of cutting any shape of materials with high quality; suitable for cutting brass,aluminum and other high reflecting materials.


High cost performance : High cutting speed and low running cost speed up , fast paying you back for your investment

Low air consumption : Save power and more environmental; extremely low power consumption is only 20% to 30%of CO2 laser cutter

Free of maintenance :  No reflecting mirror and no need to adjust the light path.

G3015F Fiber Laser Cutter

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