G3015MF Fiber Laser Cutter is designed to meet the needs of customers from sheet metal processing industry . It has multiple advantages such as high configuration as well as cutting efficiency, stable performance and low operating cost, etc.

High speed : cutting 1mm stainless steel with speed 22m/min

High performance: fiber transmission, flexible processing, enable to cut any shape metal in high quality, and it is suitable for cutting high anti-material such as copper, aluminum.

High benefit: high speed, low operation, high value return for end-user.


Low gas consumption: do not need  gas to produce a laser, the unique air cutting 2mm stainless steel technology, no N2 consumption.

Low energy: energy saving and environmental protection , low power consumption 

Low maintenance: No reflection lens, no need to adjust the light path, free optical path maintenance

G3015MF Fiber Laser Cutter

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