Compared to G3015F, the G4020F Series Fiber Laser Cutter not only has powerful cutting capacity, flying cutting speed, low operation cost, excellent stability, high-quality processing and strong adaptability, but also capable of processing 4m*2m sheet plate.

High cutting speed :  40m/min for 1mm thickness stainless steel. 85m/min for 0.5mm thickness stainless steel.

High performance : Fiber transmission and flexible processing; capable of cutting any shape of materials with high quality; suitable for cutting brass, aluminum and other high reflecting materials.

High cost performance : High cutting speed and low running cost, fast paying you back for your investment

Low air consumption :  Save power and more environmental; power consumption is only 20% to  30% of CO2 laser cutter

Free of maintenance : No reflecting mirror and no need to adjust the light path.

G4020F Fiber Laser Cutter

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