G4020 Fiber Laser Cutter is one of the best products under Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group. It is designed to focuses on processing thin material boards along with satisfactory high cost performance rate. It not only has advantages like high configuration, good cutting efficiency, stable performance and low operating coast but also capable for processing materials with dimension like 4000mm x 2000mm.

High speed: 1mm stainless steel cutting speed up to 28m/min

Good performance: Fiber transfer, flexible processing, is able to complete high quality cutting for any shape, capable    for cutting materials like steel and aluminum

High productivity: rapid cutting, low operating cost, worth the price

Low gas spend: Laser technology does not use gas, unique 2mm stainless steel air cutting technology, no N2 cost

Low energy use: environmental friendly, low electricity cost, save 20-30% energy than traditional CO2 cutters

Maintenance free: not reflecting lens, does not need optical path, free maintenance

G4020MF Fiber Laser Cutter

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