G6020HD is customized to large size needs, its perfect dynamics will provide every customer superior quality and high profitability. High cutting speed and accuracy, gual servo motor are collocated for smooth motion, high precision driving system is equipped for high cutting speed and accuracy. Wide cutting range, in addition to the conventional materials, it could also be used in high reflection processing with anti-reflection device collocated, which could meet the market needs for high reflection cutting. Auto surveillance Controlled by SCM, its feedback system is 5 times faster than PLC. Low running cost the photoelectric conversion rate could reach 24%, compressed air processing is also available for Stainless and Aluminum.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, galvanized Plate, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, Titanium Alloy, PVC, Acrylic, ABS, wood and other non-metal material.

G6020HD Laser Cutter

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