Han’s Laser G8020HD Large Size Laser Cutter is a customized product made for different customers. It is able to do large size cuttings with wonderful quality and stable performance.

Customized products for different needs. Optimized configuration, powerful cutting capability. It is able to cut all kinds of thickness materials. It is equipped with expanding and revere segregation device, which can effectively avoid the disadvantage of incapable of cutting difficult materials that traditional CO2 laser cutter has. Shape large size parts in one time with large processing area

Good with cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum (will need to add special devices) board. It could also cut galvanized sheet, electro-galvanized steel, silicon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum zinc plate, PVC, density board, acrylic, ABS, wooden materials, etc.

G8020HD Laser Cutter

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