Robot (3D) Laser Cutter System is a signature product which consists with high concentration of light, machinery and electricity created by Han’s Laser. It uses fiber to transport laser in order to do 3D cuttings for complicated parts. With flexible machining, it largely decreases the procurement and operating costs. By doing 3D laser cutting, it not only saves sample and fixture equipments but also effectively shortens the production preparation period. Especially when applying this technique to produce automobile covers, it has already replaced the traditional way of trimming die and punching die. Robot 3D Laser Cutter System by Han’s Laser makes high quality, precision and efficiency cutting come true without secondary operation.

Integrating fiber laser with industrial robot, flexible processing 3D cutting, one time formation


Centralized operation, high speed movement, high precision processing, increase cutting quality with stability


Humanized labor intensity, lower skill requirements for workers and decrease labor costs


24 hours maintenance-free operation, high reliability and stability

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G3015HD Laser Cutter

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